Friday, April 5, 2013

I think I have 1 million different stress habits

But who needs just one, right?! Stress seems to be the basic constant matter in life right now. So what better way to deal with it than to bake? Because, let's be honest... Who doesn't like to calm their anxieties with food. Basically the cooking/baking has commenced in my house. I have a list, and actually ended up making a folder on my phone's safari titled "recipes", so that I know exactly which ones ill be making next. This week I thought I'd go for a breakfast and dinner in one day. For dinner I went with fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Simple and delicious. For breakfast, however, I ended up with a process longer than I intended. I decided to make bagels and had no idea that it was a 4 hour process one day (minus two hours for the whole yeast-rise effect to occur, but it still counts in my book, along with overnight flavor enhancement) plus the hour that I had to do the next day. Even though it was a long process, I still enjoyed it and they turned out great! I ended up with 16 bagels in four different flavors (a mixed which contained onion, garlic, poppy seed and sesame seed, cinnamon-sugar, plain and my absolute favorite out of the four--Italian cheese). The Italian cheese was absolutely amazing and I think it was the hit in my house so I definitely plan to make a ton of that kind next time! I started off the morning with 16 and by the next morning there were only 3 left! (Ok ok, 3 I gave to my mom, but still!) they were a success and I even got a cute kitchen scale out of it (Im absolutely obsessed with kitchen appliances so it was a win/win sort of trade off).

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